Interior I

A gallery of smaller sculptures, or in some cases larger pieces meant for interior placement. These are selected more recent works, from about the year 2000 to the present. Please see the gallery Interior II for earlier works. Many of these were one-of-a-kind commissions, while some are in editions of 20 sculptures. Please contact the studio for availability of edition works.

No Withering Autumn Ever Touched Us, bronze, 28" high (71cm), commissioned by First City Bank, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 2007
Standing Muse II, stainless steel, 32" high , commissioned by Cantex Corp. Dallas, Texas, 2006
The Human Form a Fiery Forge, stainless steel, 66" high, on 14" travertine pedestal, commissioned for a private residence, Dana Point, California, 2005.

Two sculptures of similar size were commissioned simultaneously for either side of a fireplace (see following slide)
They Cannot Conceal Themselves, stainless steel, 5’5" high (165cm), commissioned for a private residence, Dana Point, California, 2005.

This sculpture along with The Human Form a Fiery Forge were commissioned for this home overlooking the ocean.
And Once Together Never Part, stainless steel, 31" high, (71cm), private coll. 2003. 
This sculpture was created for a wedding gift - it is made of two pieces of metal whose strands twist and intertwine.
Then What is the Soul, stainless steel, hanging sculpture, 5' high, commissioned by Advancial Corp., Dallas, Texas, 2002. Shown near completion in artist's studio; paper maquette show at left. Installed hanging above a stairwell.
What Is This Separate Nature, stainless steel on blued steel bases, 24" high, 2001. Two-piece sculpture (two images to left show the separate pieces). These may be joined into one composition on a single base (image at right). This was a very unique private commission at the request of a man in Southern California whose fiance was living in Italy. He sent one half to her as a gift, keeping the other half. When they married, they would be able to join the two halves together as one sculpture.
This is the Only Existence, stainless steel, bronze base, 29" high, 2002
Both Rise Together, bronze on black granite base, 12" high, edition of 110 in cast bronze, 2001.
Ford Motor Credit Corp. for their "Partners in Quality" award. This is one of the only cast bronze editions I have produced, due to the number required.
Invisible Yet But Certain, bronze, stainless steel base, 15" high, 2001
Bronze Shard, bronze, steel base, 30" h. unique. coll. B.F. Goodrich Aerospace, Phoenix, Arizona, 2001
Standing Muse, bronze on stainless steel base, 22" h, edition of 20, 2001. This edition is available in bronze or stainless steel (see following photos)
Standing Muse, this version in stainless steel on bronze base, 22" h, edition of 20, 2001
Waking Muse (Sleeping), bronze, maple wood base, 17" h x 7" w x 7" d., 1999
A work inspired by Brancusi's series of sculptures based on the human head called Sleeping Muse. In contrast to those solid form sculptures, this one is light, airy, and see-through
Waking Muse (Sleeping), bronze, maple wood base, 17" h x 7" w x 7" d., 1999. Brancusi's seminal work Sleeping Muse (1910) is show in inset photo, which was the inspiration for this sculpture.
Appears Not Only In His Face, stainless steel, steel base, 19-3/4" h x 6" x 6", (50cm x 15cm x 15cm), edition of 20, 1999. Available in natural stainless steel, or with a gold heat patina applied with a torch
Revision of Light, bronze, stainless steel, wood, 16" high, private commission, Saijo, Japan, 1996. This is related to the similarly named Vision of Light wall sculpture,  in that it is made from the exact same patterns of metal - twisted and composed into a completely different form
Fractured Personality, bronze with red patina, stainless steel base, 20" high, private collection, Altadena, California, 1993
Alegrias, stainless steel with bronze base, 27" high, private collection, Seattle, Washington, 1993

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