Completion and Shipping of Karuizawa Sculptures

At the beginning of December, all five of the pieces for Karuizawa were finally finished. (Original blog post on this commission.) This is a project that has occupied the studio in pretty intense activity for the last 6 months, so it was quite a relief to put the finishing touches on them, get some photographs and video here at the studio, and get them in their crates. On Dec. 16th the container was loaded on the MOL Explorer out of the port of Los Angeles en route to Tokyo.

The movie shows the sculptures outside the artist’s studio just prior to crating and shipping.

Prior to the work being packed up, representatives came to the studio from Japan to check on the finished sculptures. I am scheduled to be in Japan in mid-January to oversee the sculptures in their permanent placement. The resort buildings are just being completed and it will be mid-winter in Karuizawa, and due to our installation the landscaping may not be quite finished yet, but I do hope to get some decent photos of their new home.

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