Progress on Karuizawa – October 1


The smaller 36″ high sculpture for the Karuizawa project is now finished. Doesn’t look like stainless steel? The gold finish with the texture probably looks a bit like bronze, but that is a heat patina I apply to the stainless using a blowtorch.

For the moment I have no titles for these sculptures, so I’m just calling them K1 through K5 for “Karuizawa”. I find it difficult to think up titles and usually do this after the sculpture is finished and I have time to reflect on it a bit.

Additionally, the first large stainless steel piece is also virtually finished except for mounting on it’s base.

The first large bronze sculpture is also nearing completion, and the raw plate metal for the other big bronze piece is on the cutting table ready to begin soon.

Plasma cutting (below) is a process of cutting stainless steel with a torch, in this case an electric arc combined with compressed air does the cutting. A hand-held torch is drawn along   the edge of a pattern laid out on a plate of metal.


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