• Cloud Rivulet, stainless steel wall sc. 52" wide x 29" high (132 x 74cm), Commissioned for a private home, Dallas, Texas, 2001.
    Five Sculptures for XIV Karuizawa Resort, shown outside the artist's studio before installation in Japan, 2011
    Someone Sent Me Two Feathers, kinetic wind sculpture, stainless steel, private commission, Dana Point, California, 2004.
    Not the Worlds We Dream, bronze with red patina, 5'-5” high on 26” high travertine base, commissioned for a private home, 2003.
    Fissure, bronze fountain, 8' high x 30” x 30”, in stainless steel basin 48” x 48” x 12”h, commissioned for a private residence, Bend, Oregon
    Waking Muse (Sleeping), bronze, granite, stainless steel, 13" wide x 8" x 9".
    The artist working on maquettes - scale models of sculptures
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    Eric Peltzer has been making metal sculpture, mostly in stainless steel and bronze, for over 25 years. His work is in collections across North America, Japan, Australia, and other countries. He is based in Los Angeles.

    The approach blends highly abstracted forms with a hint of human figure, gesture and pose. Explore the photo galleries of work ranging from large outdoor pieces to smaller works to wall sculptures.

    Blog entries from the studio (below are the most recent) give a glimpse on recent projects and the sculpture making process.

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